KEEN's Native Plant Sale

Plants for 2023 will go on sale in December 2022 - keep an eye out!

We're excited to see you this Saturday for the KEEN Native Plant Sale pick up day at the Ellensburg Farmers Market in downtown Ellensburg between 9am and 1pm. Our booth is near the corner of Ruby and 4th, so you can park along Ruby Street, in the bank parking lot, or in the Safeway parking lot.


Because we will have limited volunteers at the market putting your orders together we ask that:

  1. Please don't all come right at 9am!  If you can, please give our folks a break and consider coming a bit later. You have 4 hours...have breakfast, relax, enjoy your morning coffee, shop at the market, eat lunch...and then come get your plants. 

  2. If you ordered lots of plants or big plants, please consider bringing along a wagon or wheelbarrow to get them back to your car. We'll have a few on site, but it will reduce wait time and frustration if you can move your own plants. It is also highly unlikely that we'll have any bags or boxes for you to take your plants in - so bring those along too if needed.

  3. We'll have your individual orders printed out and organized, but in case there is a mixup, please bring along a copy of your printed order. There's no internet at the looking up things online will be challenging. It will be helpful for you to bring your order form along, if you can.

  4. We have about 20 extra ponderosa pines for sale at the market - they are $15 each if you want to grab a few extra. Cash only!

We're excited to get your plants into your hands so you can get them in the ground! We appreciate your patience and generous understanding of our volunteers who are giving of their time and energy to help with the plant sale!