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We are excited to announce that KEEN has successfully secured $518,000 in funding to improve, design, and construct infrastructure in support of our summer camps, snow camps, and YCIC security project!


We are starting an ad-hoc committee that will plan for the best way to spend the funding over the next few years!


KEEN is already working with our architect for YCIC (Yakima Canyon Interpretive Center), Marc Brown, and Yakama Nation liaison Noah Oliver, on the design for the property. Now we want to focus in on our camp location, property security, and other park infrastructure (eg: buildings, docks, water, solar power, and more). 


We need your help! You know the park, you know KEEN, you know how to help us make this an amazing success!


Please click on the link to choose all the dates and times you are available for an initial meeting and then we'll schedule more dates later (we anticipate about 6-10 meetings over several months).


Meetings will be held at KEEN's downtown office - 115 East 4th, Suite 215 (conference room) starting in September. We'll provide refreshments but folks are also welcome to bring along food/snacks/lunch.

KEEN's - Pond to Pines Camp Infrastructure 
Project 2023-2024


building idea

fence idea.jpg

fencing idea

dock idea.jpg

dock idea


geology wall idea

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