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KEEN G.O. is an engaging, hands-on opportunity for families and folks of all ages to get outside throughout the year, explore our local natural spaces, and learn about the plants and animals that call them home!

Upcoming KEEN G.O. Events

Meet a tree

OCT 21 | 10AM-12PM | @Helen McCabe Park

All about trees! Get to know all about the deciduous trees in Helen McCabe. Go for a color walk, explore, & have fun!

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its bats!

OCT 28 | 6pm-8pm | @Helen McCabe Park

October means screeching owls, spooky bats and all that goes bump in the night…but wait! Did you know both owls and bats are an important part of our ecosystem? Learn about the bats and owls at Helen McCabe, and maybe see one or two! Get warm around a campfire while we study and listen to the night life!

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What's Under those


NOV 18 | 10AM-12PM | @Helen McCabe Park

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Fall is almost over, and the trees are shedding their leaves. Do you know what’s happening under that leaf pile? Who makes their home under there? All you ever wanted to know about leaves, decomposing and more!

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