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KEEN's                           Series

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KEEN believes in life-long learning and so we work with our amazing local naturalists and partner organizations to bring the best of the best to talk to you! Most of these events are indoors/sit down, they are by-donation and open to anyone to attend, and they are the most amazing opportunities to learn about this special place we call home. We'll add more as the schedule fills up!


Whose Track is That?

Deb Essman, Kittitas County Field and Stream Club
Friday April 28
Canyon River Lodge

Join hunter and outdoor educator (amazing birder!), Deb Essman to learn about tracking, identifying animal sign, and more. You won't want to miss this talk! Free and family friendly! No pre-registration needed.

A Taste of Terroir: Exploring the Wines of Washington*

Kristine Miller, CWU Wine Studies Director
Saturday May 13 2:30pm-5pm
Canyon River Lodge

Sip & Learn with Kristine Miller, Director of CWUs Wine Program. Kristine will discuss the terroir (climate, topography, soil, etc.) of Central Washington and the various events that shaped the terroir of the amazing wine regions of this area. Learn how this terroir impacts the flavor profile of Washington Wine. Combined with wine tasting and a great location at Canyon River Ranch Lodge, this is an afternoon not to be missed!

*this is a ticketed event and requires pre-registration here

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Salmon Art

Friday July 28, 7pm
Canyon River Lodge
Sip & Paint

KEEN's Treasurer and resident artist, Allison Carpenter (famous from the Ellensburg Farmer's Market) will share her skills in painting salmon art! Details to come: pre-registration and a small art supply fee will be required.

Owls & Raptors of the Yakima River Canyon

Friday June 16, 7pm
Canyon River Lodge

The amazing Deb Essman of the Kittitas County Field and Stream Club, will share her knowledge and understanding of owls and raptors who live in and visit the Yakima River Canyon Scenic Byway. Free and family friendly!

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Salmon Habitat Restoration

Saturday October 14
Location TBD


Join Rebecca Wassell from the Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group to discuss habitat restoration in support of salmon and other river critters in Central WA State.


Let's Talk: Is the Yakima River Canyon an important corridor?

Thursday October 19, 9am-4pm 
Canyon River Lodge

Is this 26 mile roadway that follows the N-S path of the Yakima River, bounded by public lands on the east side and mostly private lands on the westside, important for large hooved mammals, pollinators, native plants, preserving cultural history and spiritual places, reptiles, fish, or migrating birds? Have recent fires and the invasion of cheatgrass impaired the Canyon beyond repair, or is it worth building partnerships to restore & protect? KEEN thinks the Canyon is important and is worth trying to protect, restore, and improve, but we want to know more from you, and we want to know if projects to restore shrub-steppe habitat in the Canyon will be worth the time and effort...and substantial cost. If they are worth it, how could we work together to leverage and magnify the impact? Will you join us on Friday June 9th for a workshop to discuss the importance (or not?) of the Yakima River Canyon Scenic Byway?  

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