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Activities @ Camp Pond to Pines

Look forward to fun and games all week long!


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Activities @ Mountaineers Camp

Weeks packed with high adventure!

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing and ziplining are two challenging, yet thrilling activities offered at some KEEN Mountaineers camps. Both activities are organized by professional guiding companies and are located in the Leavenworth, WA area.

Rock Climbing during KEEN Camps
"Climb On!" is a rick climbing command used in the top rope style of climbing practiced at Mountaineers Camp. This means that the climber, who is wearing a harness and helmet, is attached to one end of the climbing rope, the rope runs to the top of the rock wall, through an anchor, and back down to the belayer, who is also wearing a helmet and harness, who, through a belay system, takes in all the slack in the rope as the climber ascends. it is the belayer's job to keep the rope taut while the climber is ascending and to lower the climber down when they have completed the climb.

Ziplining during KEEN Camps
Ziplining refers to a tree-top course that is connected by cables that participants zoom down, while attached with a harness and other gear. We use the decline of the slope between tree platforms to accelerate down. Braking is built into the course and is done without the participant's aid. This high-flying adventure includes special challenges and games and some prizes!

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