Womxn Mountaineers

Calling all women and genderqueer adventurers!

Whether you’re a first-timer or veteran backpacker, Womxn Mountaineers is an opportunity to learn new outdoor skills, grow your confidence as an independent hiker, and meet amazing friends and future hiking buddies.

KEEN's Education Director, Carlyn Saunders, is an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker, completing the 2,200+ miles trek in 2019. She is excited to lead you through virtual skills classes that will build your knowledge of trip planning, packing, gear, food and cooking strategies, trail etiquette and essentials, and more.

Throughout the year, you'll join Carlyn and other fierce womxn on overnight excursions to trail-test your skills. If you want to challenge yourself in 2022, Womxn Mountaineers is the right fit for you! Membership is $50 and each excursion has a price based on location, equipment, and other factors. 

APRIL 23-24, 2022– NAVIGATION STATION (Pre-trip meeting April 13 at 7pm); Cost: $100

Location: Juniper Dunes Wilderness We’ve learned all about our ten essentials and how to plan a trip from scratch. At the meeting, we’ll lay out our maps, dust off our compasses, and chart new paths through the wilderness. Then we’ll head out to the Juniper Dunes Wilderness and put those skills to use. This 7,200-acre wilderness preserves the northernmost growth of western juniper trees in the United States (some over 150 years old). The trip will challenge us in new ways (no water sources) and show us some amazing things (coyotes, kangaroo rats, deer, and wildflowers). Cost: $100

JUNE 4-5, 2022 – CALL THE MEDIC (Pre-trip meeting May 25 at 7pm); Cost: $100

Location: TBD Have you ever been in the middle of the wilderness, miles from civilization, and thought, “What would I do if…?” Fear of injury, animals, weather, ect can prevent folks from venturing out. But don’t worry! Carlyn has been certified as a wilderness first responder medic through NOLS for 15 years! We’ll learn how to stay calm in the face of an emergency, how to give basic first aid care, and strategies to stay safe in any situation. (This is not a certification course). Cost: $100

JULY 9-10, 2022 – WET N’ WILD (Pre-trip meeting June 29 at 7pm); Cost: $150

Location: TBD Last trip we tested our fight or flight skills. Now it’s time to sink or swim (don’t worry, there will be lifejackets). Instead of backpacks, we’ll pack up some dry bags, strap them to our stand-up paddleboards, and shove off. We’ll paddle along the lakeshore until we find a cozy backcountry campsite. Here we’ll beat the heat in the cold alpine water while honing our water rescue skills, relax in camp, and search for shooting stars in the summer sky. Cost: $150

Spring 2022 Trips