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July 20th - Feathered Friends: exploring the sky world and all the creatures that live there!


July 27th - It's a Small World: dive into the home of the tiniest creatures and learn how even our smallest actions can save our world.


August 3rd - Run Wild: spend the week moving like our animal neighbors, learning what they need to survive, and how humans can live alongside them.


August 10th - River Dance: our local waterways are teaming with life and are a vital resource for everyone; learn from experts about the rhythms of the rivers with special focus on Native culture and history utilizing stories and activities from the Since Time Immemorial Curriculum.


August 17th - Music and Art in our Midst: make nature your muse as you explore your own artistic expressions; try different mediums and showcase your best work for family, friends, and fellow campers.



Your family will NOT be registered until both the registration form and payment have been completed.


To register, please complete the Registration Form (For Families) and payment via the link in the form:




Payment Questions:


For all other questions:

Summer Camp
in a Box!

Kittitas Environmental Education Network and Washington Outdoor School have teamed up to bring you Camp in a Box! 


As outdoor education organizations, we understand the importance of children's connection to the outside world, and Camp in the Box is designed to take your child's imagination to great heights and test their creative mind in the exploration of their neighborhood wilds: all in their own backyard.


Your family can subscribe to one week or ALL FIVE! If you opt for all five weeks, the base box will contain the essentials, which you will only receive once. 




T-shirt for each participant


All the supplies you'll need to explore, investigate, and record your adventures: a theme related storybook, journal-making kit, colored pencils, collecting jar, magnifying glass and more!


Specially developed activities to match the weekly Camp in a Box themes.


Online access to instructional videos and guest speakers designed to help bring nature to life.


Weekly Zoom check-in sessions to demonstrate activities, answer questions, and show off your projects.



$125 for all five weeks 


$30 for an individual box

Additional Child $15



Boxes will be available the Friday before camp begins.


Upper County: Basecamp Books and Bites


Lower County: Jerrol's

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