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DECEMBER 21 & 22, 2023

Welcome to KEEN's 2023 Snow Camp!

Snow Camp is our annual outdoor winter day camp for children ages 5-10. Snow Camp is an exciting opportunity for kids to learn about the seasonal changes of our natural environment, play games, make holiday crafts, explore local Indigenous stories and traditions, and MORE!

When is SNOW CAMP?

Snow Camp dates are December 21-22, 2023;Thursday, and Friday.

Snow Camp runs from 9am-3pm (daily times may be adjusted due to extreme weather conditions; families will receive updates the evening prior with any changes).

How much does SNOW CAMP cost?

Snow Camp is $55 per day per camper. No discounts or financial aid is available at this time. Only 16 spots per day are currently available; more spots may open after December 1st. 

Where is SNOW CAMP?

Snow Camp is held at Helen McCabe Park, five miles south of Ellensburg (Canyon and Thrall Roads). The main parking lot gate will be open and plowed for drop off and pick up.

When is drop off and pick up?

Snow Camp drop off extends 15 mins after program start time; pick up time extends 15 mins past program end time. A fee may be implemented for late pickup extending past the 15 min pick up period. The primary parking lot at Helen McCabe Park is near the pond and the bathrooms. There will be many cars coming in and out; please drive slow and be aware of small humans walking around.

Valid photo ID is REQUIRED for every approved adult at pick up. The adult present at pick up MUST be on the child's form as an approved adult to pick up the child. Parents/guardians MUST speak directly to either Carlyn or Jen to authorize an additional adult for pick up.

What will the weather be like at SNOW CAMP?

Snow Camp is typically cold and snowy, so come prepared! Keeping campers warm and dry is a top priority at camp. Although we have fire pits, hand warmers, and small propane heaters, there will be no indoor facilities or electricity. This makes dressing appropriately VERY important. Here are the essentials:

Please be advised campers need at least the basics to attend Snow Camp (this is not optional). Campers WILL be denied participation if not properly prepared. If snow clothing is a hardship for your family, contact KEEN as we do have limited loaner options.

  • Snow Pants ( insulated and water-resistant)

  • Snow Coat (insulated and water-resistant)

  • Snow Boots (insulated and water-resistant)

  • Warm/thick socks, extra pair recommended (wool with a liner layer is ideal)

  • Gloves/mittens, extra pair recommended (liner gloves paired with a water-resistant mitten is ideal)

  • Warm/thick hat

The handy guide below was taken from another outdoor school and is KEEN's recommended layering system for outdoor, winter activities.

Layer 1: top and bottom base layers or long johns & liner socks (wool, silk, poly blends are best; avoid cotton)

Layer 2: insulating top and bottom & thick socks (wool or fleece are best; avoid cotton)

Layer 3: Snow pants/suit and coat & snow boots

Layer 4: Warm/thick hat and layered gloves/mittens

What do we eat at SNOW CAMP?

Please provide your kiddo with a lunch to eat at camp. Lunch will take place midway through programming. We will provide snacks, water, and hot beverages throughout the day. If your child eats a lot or has a specific dietary restriction, consider sending them with extra food. Please make sure your child comes to camp with a filled, insulated water bottle (KEEN bottles available for purchase).

What if my child has allergies or medication?

If your child has any allergies, please make note of them on the health form and inform the staff member checking in your child. We ask that if your child takes any medications during camp hours or has an Epi Pen, that they are labeled and placed in a separate bag in the child's backpack, with instructions as to when/how they are to be taken. Please inform a staff member of this as well.

Who should I contact with questions or day-of inquiries?

Snow Camp is facilitated by KEEN's Education Director, Carlyn Saunders, and KEEN's Programming Supervisor, Jen Smith. If neither are available, you can contact KEEN's President, Jill Scheffer, with questions. All contact details are below:

Carlyn Saunders

(610) 507-5541

Jen Smith

(509) 607-0822

Jill Scheffer

(509) 551-8807

How do I register my child for SNOW CAMP?

Snow Camp registration is facilitated by ENROLLSY. You can choose to register your camper from your account page. Simply select your child's tab at the top of the page and select "ENROLL [child's name]". If you do not have an Enrollsy account with KEEN, you can create one and then proceed to register your child at that time.

Links to access ENROLLSY
Sign into your Enrollsy Account
Reset your Password
Enroll Form

This short video shows how to register for Snow Camp on the Enroll form:

SNOW CAMP Daily Schedule

9:00-9:30-> Check in

9:30-9:45-> Camp Rules @ Fire Circle

9:45-10:15-> Nature Walk

10:30-10:45-> Snack & Cocoa

10:45-11:00-> Game

11:00-12:00-> Activity Stations

12:00-12:30-> Lunch

12:30-1:00-> Free Choice

1:00-2:00-> Activity Stations

2:00-2:30-> Free Choice

2:30-3:00-> Pack Up to Pick Up

Thursday- Solstice/Conifers

  • Candle-making Kits

  • Paper Cup Luminaries

  • Ice Luminaries

  • Decorate Labyrinth

  • Firestarters

  • Potpourri bags/ jars


Friday - Hibernation/Migration

  • Are you bigger than an Emperor Penguin?

  • Migration Game

  • Hibernate, Migrate or Stay Active?

  • Blubber Activity

  • How do Animals Stay Warm and Dry?

  • Kittitas Sled Dogs

Progrm Details
Registration Help

   SNOW CAMP Forms, Waivers, & Checklists   

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