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DECEMBER 19-23, 2022

Winter is right around the corner and we need to get excited! For what, you might ask? For snow and hot cocoa, for warm fires and roasted marshmallows, for handmade presents and learning about winter traditions throughout the world! All of this and more at SNOW CAMP 2022!

Snow Camp is an opportunity for K-5 children to explore the best of the Kittitas Valley's festive season. Every day from 9-3 is filled with games, crafts, science, and free play for all, complete with campfires and warm snacks. 

Location and Facilities

KEEN’s Earth Explorers programs are located at the Yakima Canyon Interpretive Center just five miles south of Ellensburg on Canyon Road. We are 100% outdoors and have limited primitive resources and facilities: including walled tents, propane fire pits, and porta potties.

How it Works

Snow Camp 2022 is five days of winter fun from December 19-23 (Mon-Fri). Every day's session will run from 9am - 3pm, with a lunch break (snacks are included, but lunch is not included). 

Camp Rates

Registration: $200 for the week
Drop-In Rates: $55/day

Who’s ready for Snow? Join us December 19-23 for Snow Camp. Experience the Yakima Canyon Interpretive Center in a whole new season- winter!

Be ready to do some bird watching, learn the science behind snow and snowflakes and discover who hibernates and who migrates. Find answers to the age-old questions, “Are you bigger than an Emperor Penguin?” and “Do polar bears and penguins really share the same habitat?” 


Experience winter celebrations from around the world, while learning why conifers play such an important role in so many celebrations. Of course (weather permitting), we’ll have sledding, snow shoeing, snow building, campfire and smores! 

Tentative week schedule:

                                                                                              Monday - Birds                                                                                                 
 Build a nest STEM activity
 Make pinecone/ pb bird feeders
 Bird seed gelatin feeders
 Make cheerio bird feeders
 Decorate a bird tree
 Feather experiment
 Make TP binoculars, for bird watching


Tuesday- Snow/Snowflakes
 Build a snowflake tinker tray (STEM activity)
 Exploding snowman
 Snowflake slime (premade)
 Salt snowflake painting
 Snowflake stamping craft
 Salt crystal snowflakes


Wednesday - Solstice/Conifers
 Candle making kits
 Paper cup luminaries
 Ice luminaries
 Decorate spiral/labyrinth
 Package up/decorate decorative fire starters
 Make winter scented potpourri bags/ jars


Thursday- Hibernation/Migration
 Are you bigger than an Emperor Penguin?
 Migration game
 Hibernate, Migrate or Stay active? (PDF file)
 Blubber activity
 How do Penguins Stay Warm and Dry
 Dog sledders 


Friday- Smores/campfire day
 Popsicle stick/smore craft
 Smore decoration
 Smore cardboard craft
 Fire making/ who can make a fire?
 Campfire craft 
 Campfire snack

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