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Plant native wildflowers in the fall - wait for the rains and even the first snow! Scratch up the ground a bit, pat them in (don't bury them!), and watch them pop up in the spring. Depending on how thickly you sow the seeds you can cover a large area with this amount (up to an acre)'s tough to say exactly, but wildflowers also naturalize over time, so don't sow them too thickly. 


Native Seed Plant Mix 1


Little Sunflower, Blanketflower, Nineleaf Lomatium, Arrowleaf Balsamroot, Large-flowered agoseris, Silky Lupine, Lewis Flax “Whitman”, Fern-leaf Lomatium, Oregon Sunshine, Showy Milkweed, Elkhorn Clarkia, Wild Hollyhocks, Taperleaf Penstemon, Western Aster, Tall Cinquefoil, Missouri Goldenrod, Western Yarrow, and Roundleaf Alumroot.

KEEN Native Wildflower Seed Packet - Mix1

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