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KEENs Late Start Monday Outdoor School

KEEN is offering our popular Outdoor School program for late start Mondays in the Ellensburg School District. 
Parents can drop children off at their school between 7:45-8:00 and our Environmental Education teachers will work to engage them with the school-yard environment prior to school starting. 
Please register either online or in person at
409 North Pine in Ellensburg.
The first day of the Winter session will be January 9th, 2017.
Please contact KEEN's Environmental Education Director Jana Kitelinger with any questions about our Late Start Mondays program.
Tuition is $5 per student per Monday.
Tuition payment is due in full at the time of registration. 
Space in this program is limited to 15 students per school. We will establish a wait list and notify parents if space opens up. 
Please note, this is not a daycare program. KEENs outdoor school is a science-based field-experience nature school. Curriculum at Outdoor School is tied to classroom curriculum, themes are thoughtful and your children should be ready to experience a fun way!
Please register early and ensure your students are prepared for any weather conditions.
This program is not affiliated with the Ellensburg School District and every participant will be required to sign a waiver prior to the first session.
KEEN reserves the right to cancel the program if there are less than 15 children registered at each school. In that case, parents will be notified and a full refund given. We appreciate your understanding and patience in the first year of this program!
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