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If our young people do

not spend time outside or have a basic understanding of science and ethics, how can we expect them to handle the environmental challenges they are sure to face in the years ahead? 

KEEN teaches with the whole picture in mind and we understand that our environmental, social, and economic needs and actions are all intertwined.

What affects one, affects all three.


We work to improve our community's understanding of this model through youth and adult programming, special events, strategic partnerships, and barrier-free access to nature.

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About KEEN

KEEN believes in lifelong-learning and provides informal educational opportunities for kids, adults and seniors. We host events, lead regular field trips, and are working to establish an interpretive center.   

Events and Committees

KEEN is an active group in Kittitas County hosting several annual events, participating in other events, and planning for the interpretive center. There are many ways to engage! Join us today. 

Burrowing Owl Shrub-Steppe Yakima Canyon Interpretive Center KEEN
Pond to Pines Summer Camp & Earth Explorers


A place where kids can see, hear, touch, smell, even taste nature. A place where they can learn about themselves, their natural environment and their peers while participating in fun and educational outdoor activities.


There’s something for every age and every interest that will help your students grow by facing challenges, overcoming their fears and doing things they never imagined they would!

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